Fruzsina Fülöp
Péter István Varga

KAVICS may appear as if it was merely a beautiful object. It looks as if it was only a delicate concrete composition that attracts all eyes and inspires creativity with the touch of freedom. It only appears to be a piece of public furniture that serves for conversation, reading, hitting on guys, serenading someone, drinking lemonade, working or sunbathing. But all this is just appearance.

A thoroughly formed concrete object

KAVICS is actually a massive concrete product cast in a mould which was created from 30 sculptural shape studies, followed by 3D scanning and CNC cutting process. It is the outcome of a long cooperation between sculptors, designers and concrete experts. It has gained its final shape thanks to a special concrete mixture of our own development and a unique production method. This is KAVICS beyond its appearance.

An inspiring presence

Nevertheless, what matters here is the appearance. What matters is that anyone who glances at it will feel drawn to it. What matters is that usage helps shine the essential beauty of KAVICS through. What matters is that it is a good spot to jiggle, do a handstand on, pet a dog, have fun or spend time when you’re down. Its shape can easily become part of our life. This was the purpose behind its creation.

A piece of street furniture with a concrete soul

The uniqueness of this concrete piece of street furniture lies in its contradictions. It seems light and delicate despite its material. It looks somehow natural but also deeply urban. It appears to be a piece of art yet its shape can easily be the part of everyday life. All the contradictions might stem from its creation, which was in a way a traditional, however also an extremely modern process.

Digital technology and human touch

The creation of the shape was possible due to our own, in-house developed concrete mixture, which allowed us to create KAVICS’s smooth surface, and the special production method, that granted us this formerly unimaginable structure. KAVICS, just like all our products, is a combination of the latest 3D modelling technology and the traditional craftsmanship, making it a balanced cooperation between digital technology and human touch. All the materials used in the production are locally sourced, within a 100-kilometre radius. The majority of the gravel is mined in a 20 km distance, therefore it’s sustainable and community-friendly.

Awards of KAVICS

How it was designed

With the design of KAVICS, our goal was to create an organic outdoor concrete object. Throughout conceiving its shape, its designer, Fruzsina Fülöp created many alternatives in accordance with the continuous consultations. For each alternative, she made a small plaster model to give the most accurate picture of ergonomic and aesthetic aspects. The final forms were selected after a long and thorough deliberation process.

“The distinctive smooth spans and oval forms of organic shapes convey a positive emotional meaning to us, therefore we associate unity, femininity and harmony with them. For me the creation of these shapes, apart from their special aesthetic role, means handling form and function as one unit. By creating KAVICS, we constructed a novel object that shows softness in its appearance and breaks with the traditional robustness of concrete,” Fruzsina Fülöp said.

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